The Ponies

The Ponies

Crafty Ponies are THE educational plush toy ponies and there is a wide selection of Crafty Ponies colours to choose from!

Crafty Ponies plush ponies have luxurious faux fur.  The manes and tails are made of non-slip cotton making them easy to comb and braid.  The amazing Anatomy Colouring Pony is made of washable vinyl.

Illustrated instruction booklets adapted for Canada in both official languages are included with each pony.  The plush pony booklets teach children how to safely and correctly handle a pony along with many other lessons in horsemanship and pony care.  The Anatomy pony comes with an educational booklet that teaches about the skeleton, blood circulation, digestive and nervous systems, and muscles!

Crafty Ponies are irresistible for the little horse lover in all of us!

Check out the equipment and accessories that go with the ponies.  Every items fits and works just like the equipment for real ponies and horses!  

Suitable for all ages!