About Crafty Ponies

Crafty Ponies are wonderfully soft and educational toy ponies!

horses cuddly toy

 These plush toy ponies are made of luxurious faux fur and have non-slip cotton manes and tails that can be brushed and braided.  Each Crafty Pony comes with it's own Passport Booklet which teaches their new young owners about how to properly handle and care for ponies and horses safely.

Crafty Ponies teach children about:

    • How to stay safe
    • How to approach a pony
    • How to saddle, bridle, and blanket a pony
    • What clothes to wear and why
    • Pony characteristics, breeds
    • Feeding and drinking
    • Cleaning up
    • Stallions, mares, foals
    • Teeth
    • Pony coat markings
    • Braiding manes and tails
    • Dressage
    • Wound care
    • Proper care of equipment.  For example, the bridle booklet explains parts of the bridle, how to use it, take it apart, clean it and reassemble it.

There is a full range of accessories that fit and work just like the equipment for real ponies and horses including miniature bridles, saddles, blankets, and halters. Every product in our range is meticulously designed for function and durability. Ponies can even be customized to match a real pony or horse by adding socks or feathers.

Each accessory comes with an illustrated instruction booklet which is very educational and largely focuses on safety.  These toys truly teach children how to be capable equestrians by providing hands on horsemanship lessons at an economical price point.


The booklets introduce children to the Crafty Ponies Team dolls included in the collection, and share their daily activities at the barnyard.

    Ponies and dolls have been safety tested for all ages.  Crafty Ponies accessories are suitable for children over 3 years old due to small parts.