How Crafty Ponies Began

A Timeline 

Karen Owner Crafty Ponies

  • 1990 – Karen Clithero made the Crafty Ponies for four of her six children when they were very little. She wanted them to play with realistic toy ponies and gear so they could get used to how it works and use it correctly while playing and having fun.
  • 1993 - The children got their first riding ponies and because of the realistic role play with their Crafty Ponies toys, Karen's children already knew how to use a halter and how to tie a rope. They knew how to walk around safely with the pony and how to mount using the saddle. Karen was very happy with this! 
  • 2003 – Karen and her husband Darren built the Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre. Karen taught hundreds of children and adults how to ride and care for ponies and horses.


 Crafty Pony Craft kit craft set

  • 2009 - Karen designed and made "Crafty Ponies craft kits" so that other mothers and grandmothers could make ponies for their children as she had done. Crafty Ponies craft kits were sold all over the world through the website.


Craft kit Crafty Ponies horse hugs

  • 2010 - 2014 - Crafty Ponies craft kits received an award for craft and educational products. Karen and Darren took the ponies to horse shows. The kids loved them, but some parents didn't have the time or creativity to sew them. They kept asking Karen to make the toy ponies as finished products they could buy.
  • 2014 - 2016 - Karen and Darren went to China and found a factory that now makes the plush ponies and some of the Crafty Ponies accessories. They have been designed and made to Karen's unique miniature replica specifications. Most accessories are made in England today and are of very high quality with an eye for the smallest details.

  Award winner

  • 2015 - Crafty Ponies stuffed horses win "Creative Play of the Year" award for Best toys for children up to 12 years old.
  • 2016 - Karen designed and produced the educational instruction booklets that now come with all Crafty Ponies products. Karen started producing several accessories in the UK for Crafty Ponies that are high quality and very detailed.   


Crafty Ponies stuffed toy ponies and a broad range of accessories are now sold online, in stores, and at horse competitions in several countries. All instruction booklets are made for children to learn how to handle a pony or horse, and their tack and equipment, with a strong focus on safety! With Crafty Ponies children learn many things that are also offered in pony clubs and riding schools.

Crafty Ponies is a proud member of Anti Copying in Design, the UK's leading Membership & Campaigning Organization for Design & Intellectual Property.